Dan's profit  

** it’s not all included here **

I’m Dan, co-founder of Breakfree Poker. I’ve been a professional poker player for 6 years and a coach for 3. Unfortunately my results above can only capture so much. A few online sites of old and current poker accounts (like Bodog) do not have trackable winnings. Still though, with total live and online earnings combined, I have amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars profit playing mostly online tournament poker, and continue to do so.

My profits have been pretty consistent, and the best part is, the reasons why can be accessible to everyone. The main problem: Nobody knows a) what poker is b) That it can be super healthy c) How to learn quickly, and, d) your scaling options. That’s where I’ve helped many people, from COMPLETE beginners (literally not even knowing the rules), all the way up to established professionals looking to crush poker more.

I know what works, and want to make poker’s benefits accessible. For example, on top of anyone's results, you can generate rakeback deals with casinos, where you'll also profit by keeping a % of rake you pay to the tourney hosts (more info in affiliate section) , and do things like buy or sell action to investors or other players to generate additional profit to suit you. Again I can help with that. It’s enough to add $25k + easily to my winnings for example, without risk. This is the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many ways to scale and optimize winnings (or mitigate losing) - you just need good guidance.

Poker is amazing. It’s a beautifully complex game that has potential to give so much, both financially and mentally. I’m taking players strategically to another level, whether they just want to beat their friends more, or eventually want to seriously profit from poker. I also develop mindset monsters, with really healthy fundamentals in poker that significantly improve performance levels. Then, at any point, I help with scaling up as far as players want to go.

Our philosophy is “use poker to improve your life”, at any level. That’s all we care to do. We are against a gambling mentality (as it doesn’t produce good or healthy results), and constantly introduce you to practices that just make life better (meditation, journaling, exercise, accountability, thriving communities).

For anyone interested in poker, and us, we have our free course linked below, where I can everything in more detail (take as much as you want, it's all free)

I wish everyone the best of luck, and love, Dan xxx