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  • Previous Contender For The Achievement Of 'Best Online Poker Player In The World'
  • Longstanding crusher of Mid stakes online MTT poker
  • Established coach

When I started playing poker, I only wanted to be the best player in the world.

On the road there, I realised something fundamental to every poker career.

Being good at poker does not necessarily mean being good at life. 

And isn't that all that matters?  To be as good as you can at life? 

Poker can be used to improve your life in SO many ways!  

And knowing exactly how it does, has accelerated my career like never before.

Now I want to help you do exactly the same and use poker for what it is. 

A means to significantly improve your life both mentally and financially.

Access to the right information and a little bit of direction gives anyone the chance to succeed.

I aim to remove the needless barriers to playing poker at any level,

Turning it into a place where anyone can start, establish and sustain a successful poker career.

Drastically improving their life in the process.

Why Listen?

I've been in your shoes, and coached many students to sucessfully use poker to better their lives! 

I actively love to play online MTT poker profesionally, using it to improve my life, and I know what works!

I ​want to make poker training accessible and approachable for new and aspiring players as well as established professionals.


  • Knew what he wanted, until he discovered what he wanted
  • ​Helping people and their businesses become the best they can possibly be
  • ​Ex professional racing driver (Amazon delivery)

I know too well the realisation.

You look around you and see everything you don't aspire to.

You look at yourself, a cog in a broken system, turning in place.

You look at all the work it took to get here and think, for what?

You know you can give more than this.

You know you can be more than this. 

The realisation shook the ground I stood on. 

Next came the tidal wave of clarity and knowing that it is all up to me. 

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I want to help you understand that you are the only person that can make it happen.

That is when you are truly in control.

That is when you can truly break free.

Why Listen?

I want to help you let go of your limits, and achieve anything you put your energy into.

I know the realisation that you are part of a system that doesn't care, with a fire inside to give it your all.

I am on my own break-free journey, in real-time, and want you to come along too.

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"I Can See Why Dan Is Crushing Poker And Would Definitely Not Like To Play Versus Him"

Dan's style of coaching is really great.

I have had some other coaches (3) and he is easily the most practical.

He always looks for the fastest way to gain EV and found my leaks right away, as well as encouraging me to keep doing what I'm doing well.


"Dan Is Kind And Gives Extra Time Throughout Sessions Happily"

My game has improved so much after taking Dan on as a coach. 

I would absolutely recommend him to anyone questioning whether to get a coach. 

I went from a losing player to a winning player in months.

Thank you my friend.