Poker opens the door to freedom, we'll show you how

Breaking down the barriers to poker success and showing you how to improve your life, one hand at a time. 

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Poker brings financial and mental freedom to thousands.

At Breakfree Poker, we are bridging the gap between you and success.

Showing you how poker can be used to improve your life.

Helping you become something most believe to be impossible.

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Mastering Metagame

Uncovering What The Pros NEVER Tell You About The Most Important Part Of Poker

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What You'll See Inside...

  • ​How to use poker as your tool to become the one who broke the mould.
  • Vital techniques to support your continued progress and set yourself up for success.
  • ​​Simple steps to save yourself years of trial and error.
  • ​The shortcut to poker greatness ALL the pros use, but NONE will tell you about.


  • Effective bankroll management and investment decisions through the eyes of a trained economist.
  • ​3 instant actions you can take in order to improve performance at ANY task 

Why Breakfree Poker?

We know what it's like to be stuck.

Stuck with the belief you have more to give.

Stuck knowing you are prepared to give it all for the life you want,

If you only knew where to start.

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Disclaimer: Results are partial as some poker rooms cannot be recorded.

We know what it's like to take control.

Take control of your direction and point it where you want to go.

Take control of your life,

And never look back.

We want to help you spend your time on what really matters.

By showing you how poker can be a gateway to freedom.

For those tired of being stuck.

For those who want to take control.

For those ready...

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Two Mates, One Goal, Endless Opportunities


Mid-stakes MTT Pro Poker Player
Establishhed Poker Coach
Economics BSc (Hons)

I want you to know what poker can unlock within your life. I'm bringing professional-level poker training, mindset and outcomes to EVERYONE.

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Chemistry MChem
High Flying Graduate

The suits, the board rooms, a prodigy within my industry.
I decided to take control of my own life and want to show you how you can too.

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  • Giving others the chance to break free, using poker to do so and improve your life.
  • Tired of poker training not being accessible or approachable for new and aspiring players.
  • ​​Sick of poker pros using their successful name to justify ridiculous prices for basic content.
  • ​Helping people and businesses grow beyond what they ever thought possible. 
  • Uncovering wasted potential by removing limits imposed by systems that do not care.
  • ​I've rubbed shoulders with the top of my industry sector and now I'm bringing perspective on corporate life to those that need to hear it. 

Real Reviews From Real People


Thankyou So Much Dan For Everything!

Since Dan's coaching, I reached $12,248 in profit in 6 months in micro-low stakes tournaments.

He makes sure that he explains things in a way you will really understand the big picture and mechanics.


I Would 100 % Recommend Dan As Your Coach

His knowledge of poker is vast and he is ready to answer any questions on such a wide range of poker content. 

I am so much stronger as a poker player and this has massively impacted my results.