Getting started and getting ahead in the poker world is brutal. We make it a whole lot clearer, more structured, less risky and more fun.

*Even your Grandma, and her dog!

Dear Future Poker Crusher,

We know what it's like.

Trying to fight your way upward in the poker world is brutal.

You're probably worrying about what you should learn next.

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy type worrying.

Stuck in the swirling ocean of YouTube content and Twitch streams.

Crashing from video to video with zero idea if it will help you or not.

And to add another hole to your boat,

The downswings only get longer and deeper.

You’re drowning.

Should I learn deep stack strategy? Memorise MORE ranges? Do MORE hand quizzes?

What about Barreling? Bencb talked about that on stream last week. Let’s give that a go.

Hey, look at this $99 river masterclass bundle!

That must be it!

That’s just what I need to finally become profitable.

*Someone please slap him*

Look, most poker players have a big case of shiny object syndrome, mixed with a spoonful of “I need to learn everything right now” and a dash of “No real idea what to do”.

They end up half-learning a load of things.

A masterclass here,

An exclusive stream there,

And soon they have a jumbled mess of information with no idea how to use it properly.

We call this a poker shit show.

Also known as hell on Earth.

And it's really hot there.

And we can't bear to see another potential poker crusher go broke because of it.

You’re reading this right now because in some way shape or form, you’ve been let down by poker.

Even though you are putting in hours of mind-melting effort,

Playing, watching, reading, studying, grinding your ass off to get nowhere fast.

Or maybe you are smashing it and simply want more.

More consistency

More money

More freedom

More family time

More Pina Coladas

More high-level exploitation and total manipulation of your opponents at the table.

Whatever it is for you…

We want to give you some good news for a change.

Cause soon you’ll be feeling like “Oh sh*t, this is paying off!”

You’ll sit down to study and know exactly what direction you are moving in.

You’ll sit at the tables and make smarter plays.

You’ll talk to your friends and family, and be able to tell them exactly how poker is improving your life.

Because that’s the most important part.

And you won't lie awake worrying about winning tourneys to pay your rent.

Everything will be set out before you, dialled in and running smoothly.

You’ll be in control of where poker is taking you and a sense of clarity will wash over you.

And it all starts by taking your first step below

*cue heavenly light shining through the window*

Start from the very beginning, forget your skill level


For those interested in self-development, but never knew poker was the answer. Find out what poker can do for YOU and learn how to start extracting the benefits as fast as possible.

Everything you need to transform from beginner to winner


The most efficient skill set slapping training programme on the planet for people serious about cutting the sh*t and skyrocketing to success. Improve your life the right way.

Uncovering what the pros will never tell you


Everything the top-level players do to climb to the top and stay at the top. Put the textbooks down and look at how we play poker. It’s about time someone told you all of this.


Skip the guesswork, trial and error and failure that 95% of poker players experience when going it alone. Grow with us using results-proven, table-tested strategies delivered with structure and precision. Never rely on a gamble or a wish ever again.

The thick jungle of poker info has overgrown


On top of that, the expensive courses still leave you to carve your own curriculum out of their masses of content. Why dont they provide a simple step-by-step pathway where you can see how you will progress? Ah right, that’s just how we do it.

Unpopular opinion


The big-name poker professionals out there who are “giving back” to the community are all sizzle, no steak and useless for most aspiring players. So we say “f*ck off, we’ll make it as easy as physically possible to get involved”. We value your progress over profits.
Don’t believe us? Oh, you will.

Built for efficiency


Learn only what you need to succeed with our ‘necessity-based’ programme structure. Only the absolutely critical information is included so you can spend more time and effort practising what we teach.

Why search for a golden nugget in a bucket of dirt, when you can just get a bucket of golden nuggets?