They Won't Like This One

Discover the secrets that poker professionals don't want you to know.

Learn how to start and sustain your poker career the right way. 

See what it takes to achieve financial freedom and improve your life.

Learn how to make poker work for you.

Look back on this day and say to yourself it was all worth it.

Worth it to be known as the one who broke the mould and refused a 'normal' life.

Worth it for the morning you can sit relaxing with a coffee, take it all in, and be proud you made it.

Worth it for the precious time you can share with your family and friends.

Worth it to be able to say - I broke free.

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Hi, I’m Dan and I’m not the best poker player in the world

But over the last five years, I’ve decided I don't want to be.

And it’s this decision that made me better than the best poker player in the world.

Better at LIFE.

Dan Cutout 3

Let’s rewind…

Like most people starting out in poker, I was eager to master it all.

I followed the information, studied my ass off, worked on the required mindset.

I moved through low stakes and dominated.

Progressed into mid-stakes with a breeze,

I was on track to achieve my goal.

"Become the best poker player in the world"

But then, progress stopped...

The looming wall stood before me.

It made no sense... Everything was going to plan.

I played well, studied hard, slept enough, ate right, exercised.

Everything was geared toward performing at the top level.

Then I looked in the mirror. Literally.

I saw a man staring back at me that was great at poker.

But terrible at life.

I had become a slave to what I thought I wanted to be

A slave to the dream.

Poker wasn't improving my life.

I didn't see how it could improve my life.

Forget BenCB, forget PADS, my friends, my family.

My life.

It was capped,

My heart wasn't truly in it.

I didn't believe the person that said "I want to be the best player in the world."

Fast forward 3 years and I laugh at myself for not seeing it sooner.

Now I use poker in a way that improves my life in every metric.

Here's What Some of My Coaching Students Have To Say


I Went From A Losing Player To A Winning Player In 2 Months

My game has improved so much since working with Dan

I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. 

He is always kind, and professional and happily gives extra time where it is needed.


I Am So Much Stronger As A Poker Player

If you are looking to take poker more seriously, I would 100 % recommend Dan

His knowledge of poker is vast and he is ready to answer any questions on a wide range of poker content. 

Working with him has clearly impacted my results positively. 


I'm So Glad I Chose Dan As A Coach

Dan is always on hand to help, answering my questions in clear detail. 

Dan's advice and information has paid back through every session, and I never leave without taking something big.

I definitely recomend Dan to anyone

Why am I doing what I’m doing?

Sharing how you can use poker to attain a fulfilling life where YOU make the decisions.

It’s simple…

I don't want you to waste time as I did.

I don't want you to give up on living the life you want because of something simple.

I’m helping people like you to see poker for what it really is.

Closing the gap between beginner and professional for those that want to step across.


DISCLAIMER: This will contradict everything sold as 'most important' out there today.

  • ​You won't see any mind-boggling poker theory.
  • ​You won't require Einstein-level knowledge.
  • It will not take forever to master.


  • ​You will never look at poker the same way again.
  • ​The expected value is undeniable.
  • ​You can enter as a losing player and leave as a winning player without any poker theory.


The Expected Value boosting information you learn will benefit you throughout your whole career.

Exponentially increasing your financial returns.

Here’s just a fraction of what you'll discover…

Return on What exactly?

Common Misunderstanding - Return on Investment is not Everything.

You’re playing the highest return tournaments.

But this is not giving you the highest returns possible.

I’ll show you why.

Tournament Poker is Variance

MTT poker is your battle against variance. 

The most efficient use of your time is not necessarily playing more poker.

The most efficient use of your time is playing the right poker.

It Won’t Be What You Think

I’ll explain the most important aspect of your poker strategy and why it isn’t:

  • What charts you study.
  • ​Chip EV strategy.
  • Learning fold vs raise.

More Money, More Problems?

I’ll show you how to minimise the effect of dead money in your poker account.

You’ll learn how to make money work for you.

With tips that top financial advisors use when making investment portfolios.

All from the eyes of a qualified economist (that’s me).

Size Isn’t Always Everything

Being a competent small-stack player can significantly increase your EV.

But it’s knowing how to use it that makes all the difference.

You’ll find out how to turn short stacks, into BIG winnings.

This is the most revolutionary lesson I‘ve ever taught

Another successful, happy student


"He Will Take Your Game And Your Life To The Next Level"

Testimonial - Alfred G png

Dan has been coaching me for the past 6 months and I have really been crushing micro-low stakes tournaments.

Since his coaching, I have reached $12,248 in profit which is absolutely amazing.

His thirst and passion to be a high-level professional carry over to caring for his students, making sure that he explains things in a way you will really understand the big picture and mechanics.

If you are willing to put in the work, I would highly recommend Dan to be your coach.

Thank you so much Dan for everything.

Everybody Knows

Poker is a complex game, so you'd better learn how to deal with every possible scenario, Right?

This will make you most effective when that scenario arises, Surely?


This mentality absorbs your precious time off the tables.

Which could be used to maximise your EV.

Are you learning to play 70BB poker when you should be learning a max EV strategy in line with your limited time and energy?

For the vast majority, probably yes.

See what I’m helping people do differently.

See how you can use the exact same methods to silence the naysayers around you and show them the results of a winner.

See how you can break free

Plus you'll discover...

  • ​Why the pros don't tell you what I've been teaching my students for over 3 years.
  • What pros focus on to become top-level players and remain top-level players.​
  • ​The metagame fundamentals to excel at poker and more importantly, life.

Introducing my world-first training course

Mastering Metagame

Your sledgehammer for the solid brick wall that stands between you and using poker to become free.

Included are instructions on exactly how to swing it.

You’ll learn poker metagame concepts that are not shown ANYWHERE else.

And no that isn’t some sales cliche to get you to hand over your money.

And no I didn’t underline world-first for no reason.

You will not find this ANYWHERE else.

I’m shocked too…

You'll See:

  • How to start and sustain your poker career the right way.
  • ​Exactly what the most successful players do to become top-level
  • ​Which tournaments will maximise your EV.
  • ​What you should study in a world of endless content. 
  • ​Which software investments you should be making.
  • ​How to save yourself thousands by mitigating DEAD money. 
  • The real reason I am successful.
  • Everything I wished I knew at the start of my poker career. 
  • ​How to make poker work for you and embed it into your life. 
  • ​Multiple years of experience and research embedded into one course.  

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m taking things back to the beginning, so you can take back control.

Showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and most importantly WHY.

Enabling you to build the foundations necessary to break free and have everyone asking "how did you do it?"


  • Your custom metagame strategy for crushing poker and crushing life.
  • ​The release of why you shouldn't listen to most professionals' advice.
  • ​A proven method to significantly increase your EV instantly.
  • ​A fool-proof guide to increasing your confidence and crushing it on and off the tables.
  • ​Access to your blueprint for becoming a self-made success story.
  • ​Step-by-step instructions on how to structure your time in and around poker.
  • ​Free​ glossary to get yourself up to speed with the lingo.

Total Value: Pick any number, add the price of freedom

Our Normal Price: $650

Limited Time Price: $298

Click below to learn how to use poker as the ticket to mental and financial freedom.

The Choice Is Yours

  • Ignore this, go back to your normal life and remain as you are.
  • Spend the countless hours and energy I did to figure it all out yourself.
  • ​​Accelerate in the direction of freedom, using poker as your tool to success.

Make It Wisely

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