Our Difficulty Levels

And What They Mean*


Everyone Can Benefit From This Information

Designed for anyone and everyone to gain benefit from.

Useful information for starting out and surviving in the poker world.

Foundation-building poker theory and information to help you make large jumps in your competence level.

No prior knowledge of the game is necessary (but it helps).

What A Beginner May Look Like

  • You are starting out and want to learn more about the game.
  • ​You've played or heard about poker before and are interested in finding out more.
  • ​​You want to take what you already know about poker and use it to understand how to make money and improve your life.


You Have A More-Than-Basic Baseline Knowledge Of Poker

Ideal for someone who has a good foundational understanding of the game of poker.

Higher-level poker theory presented in an easily-digestible way (not just hundreds of boring stream clips).

Help with turning poker as a hobby into  full-time money maker.

What An Intermediate May Look Like

  • You understand most poker terminology
  • ​You have sustained experience playing online or live poker and want to take things to the next level.


Poker Is Your Most Significant Form Of Income Or You Spend Most Of Your Time Playing

Best suited if you are an established poker player.

Information to help refine yourself as a professional and take yourself to the upper echelons of poker.

You want to climb higher through the stakes and use poker to improve your life.

What A Professional May Look Like

Poker professionals span a large range of abilities and experience throughout all stakes.

As not to limit the idea of who is a 'professional' the ideal fit for a professional has been left out.

*These categories serve only as a rough guide when deciding content to consume, products to consider and levels to play at. 

This information is not to quash ambition but to ensure time and money are not wasted due to investing in something too complex for your skill and experience level.

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