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Mastering Metagame

Uncovering What The Pros NEVER Tell You About The Most Important Part Of Poker

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Don't worry... we're not going to tell you how it's the only poker course you'll ever need

What You'll Learn...

  • ​What your priorities should be to increase your confidence on and off the tables. 
  • ​The principle to staying in the game and avoiding going broke.
  • ​The sneaky information about ROI that the pros don't want you to know.
  • ​One simple factor that will increase your EV more than any other.
  • ​Techniques to support your progress and set yourself up for success.
  • ​What to look for within tournaments to maximise EV.


  • What successful players study and why.
  • Why finding the reason you play poker will make you significantly more money. 

WARNING: It is hugely undervalued for a limited time... 


"I've Had Three Coaches Before But Dan Has Been The Most Practical For Me By Far!"

Dan's style of coaching is really great.

He always looks for the fastest way to gain EV and found my leaks right away. He was also great at pointing out what I was doing well and should keep doing.

I can see why he's crushing poker and would definitely not like to play versus him.


"If You Are Looking To Take Poker More Seriously I Would 100 % Recommend Dan To Help You."

I am so much stronger as a poker player which has clearly impacted my results on the tables. 

Dan's knowledge of poker is fantastic and he is ready to answer any questions on a huge range of topics, in and out of poker.

His explanations of bigger picture strategy, exploits and ICM have really helped my game progress.

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