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Friday, March 17, 2023

This Is Breakfree Poker

I look around and see so many people curious about poker. From teenage boys to old ladies, the vast majority are interested. They have a real curiosity when I tell them I am a professional poker player.
I also look around and see many people with extremely strong skill sets, like Corey (the other half of Breakfree Poker), who I would not like to play poker against if he had the correct guidance. With complete honesty, I can say that if Corey had me as a coach a few times a week, in 1 year he would be winning at low stakes and after 2 years, crushing mid-stakes.

Corey, like many others, would face a huge barrier to entry if wanting to take poker seriously. Poker is not accessible for new players whose only experience is playing a $5 buy-in on a Friday night with their friends. They have no idea, mentally and strategically, what they need to do or what they can do to level up to use poker for exactly what it is:

An opportunity to grow, and improve your life mentally and financially.

Now take the player that is already experienced somewhat at poker. (Let’s call him Frank)
Frank is not necessarily winning at low stakes but has enough knowledge about poker to build on.
How does Frank level up?
Coaching is expensive, and rightly so, as it is very difficult to find a decent coach. So he goes down the training video route. The problem is, the content is coming from world-class players who are not playing at the stakes Frank is playing at, making plays that are not optimal for him, and skipping understanding that is fundamental to Frank crushing poker.
Raiseyouredge for example has top-quality content unlike any other coaching site, and you can find videos that address the above problem, tailoring a strategy to exploit the stakes you're at.
The catch is, Frank must watch 40 hours of content to find it.

There's no insight into what to study and why. No straight to the point information about what skills the established players have at the stakes Frank wants to get to. No insight into what they study or how they work. What would they do going through Frank’s journey? Not everyone wants to be BenCB (even though he's a lovely guy) or live as he does. Frank doesn't need BenCB's skillset in order to get the most out of poker.
All poker should do is help better your life, not just take over.

There's plenty of information out there, but zero insight into what is optimal for you to work on in order to compete. So, after all that, Frank buys the course, doesn't watch it all, and thinks the barrier to taking poker more seriously is just too high.
Another one bites the dust.

Lastly, take the professional (let’s call him Tom) that doesn't realise the roadblock to him thriving within poker is not a lack of content he has watched. Tom has been through many courses, taken coaching, understands poker theory well, and can implement it nicely. His roadblock is mental.
Tom is fighting against poker. Studying is hard to find time for, playing drains a lot of his energy, and he feels somewhat like a slave to what he thought would be his dream job. Really, Tom just doesn't know exactly how poker is bettering his life anymore. All the focus is on studying and playing all the time.
Where is his skillset taking him? What life does he REALLY want to live, deep down, and how is poker getting Tom there? Realising this hits deeper than any strategical video, and stays for life.

Here's where we at Breakfree Poker are addressing these problems:

  • We are making concise, clear, and effective courses for all players of all abilities.
  • ​We are encouraging aspiring players, even those with no experience, by providing low-cost, accessible material that teaches what is fundamental for playing poker in a healthy way.
  • ​We are eliminating negativity, such as the gambling aspect, right away and always promoting emotional and strategic development in order to help players to grow.
  • ​We will allow you to upgrade your poker skillset whilst improving your life. This philosophy will be at the heart of all our teachings.
  • ​We will crack the problems of break-even or losing lower-stakes players, with clear insight into what the regs that crush it at your level are doing ​and why.
  • ​You will hear from active, consistently crushing players at those very stakes, in all the most important areas of the game, again both mentally and strategically.
  • ​We will offer detailed mental game courses for higher-level players to develop a mindset that helps them take a high-level skillset at poker and use it to crush life. Because we believe that is what really matters.
  • ​We offer insight from the most content players around the world who use poker in the most positive ways to give and receive in abundance.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned whilst we deliver top-quality content for you.

Take a look at our first development Mastering Metagame.

Please feel free to get in contact with us, and trust that all our courses are made with love. We're so excited to share this project with you!

Thank you for your support.

Always the best

Dan and Corey