Road To High Stakes/Poker/Building Strong Communities As A Beginner Poker Player

In A World Where People Are Lonelier Than Ever, Building Communities Has Never Been More Important. Find Your Way Into Ours Here.

Strong communities can be the difference between making poker a fun, long-term part of your life and quitting before you see any of the benefits.

The best poker players in the world agree that having a community of like-minded people around you is vital for success.

And people who play for fun agree that time spent playing with other people is way more enjoyable than going it alone.

Helping each other out, discussing strategy, sharing new information and smashing life together fulfil the innate human desire to connect with each other.

Especially with loneliness being at an all-time high in today’s world.

Finding a great community can be difficult, so that’s why we’ve started one for people who are searching.

We want to make it as easy as possible for people starting out in poker to find others at the same level.

This provides a chance to grow with someone, have friendly competition and make learning and playing more interesting.

As a chance to join our growing poker community, we are hosting a beginner online poker tournament this Sunday (17th March).

The aim is to have fun, meet some new people and show off your skills alongside a real professional poker player.

Also, we have a Discord community of people just like you. Get involved by clicking this link.

I'll see you on the tables.