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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

September, October And a Bit Of November

Disclaimer -- This is a very deep, emotional post that I am sharing. I would rather share my true life, in good times or bad, so hopefully I can show that difficult times are completely alright. If I can help anyone that reads this, I would love to, and likewise if anybody would like to reach out, I would appreciate it hugely. :) Stay positive and strong anyone reading. :)

Sorry for the lack of content recently, but these months have been the most important months ever in my personal life. So, I am moving to Mexico on November 23rd. This was one of the toughest decisions of my life.

Man has the last month been tough. There has been a lot of pain and I have realised that I have to deal with that head on. I also have to feel the pain to recover. The last months have also felt very lonely, but out of that I have developed a healthier relationship with myself. Now more than ever I see meditation as being the most important part of my daily routine, as it enables me to disassociate with my conscious mind, and distance the many negative and hurtful thoughts and emotions that naturally come up. I have also learnt many things about relationships from this tough time. I think it's hugely important to delve deep into yourself emotionally, because otherwise you end up projecting many negative feelings that come form yourself onto others that has nothing to do with them, without even knowing it. In simple terms, fix yourself and you will come into any relationship (friends, family, girl/boyfriend) in a healthier way.

So that's the process I'm in - working on myself. This takes time and patience, but luckily poker has prepared me for tough times, because my rise towards becoming a poker pro came out the toughest (dealing with death). So, emotionally I am ready to run a marathon.

And that deep emotional work has transferred to the tables. Despite the tough months, I have had many great poker results, really productive study sessions, and I feel like my performances are at the highest they have ever been. I am ready to move up stakes really (mid to mid-high), and this strats from such strong emotional performances. Strategically I am also improving quickly too because I am in line with what I am working on, where I want to get to in poker and why. This has taken maybe 18-24 months, but now it is paying off. Consequently I have been winning a lot of tourneys, pushing my sessions hard, and using the capacity of my brain at the table in a systematically repeatable way. I am outthinking many opponents at these stakes, and feel like I read the game extremely well these days, partly because I am thinking so objectively in my mind and combing this with effective study.

That was not an ego centred paragraph btw. It has come from my detailed evaluation of 2-3 months of notes where I am harsh on myself overall. I'm mainly saying that mental game work takes time, but for the first time I am seeing rewards and I strongly believe they will push me to the high stakes soon.

So What Next?

I am about to be in Mexico City for 6 months minimum and I am all in with my poker career (shocking pun). I will join a close poker friend in Mexico and from there aim to create a solid in-person poker network. This will mean learning Spanish everyday, networking with South and North American poker players, and aiming to either build or join a thriving poker team. I see my best poker self thriving around other like minded players in person.

I am completely going for it, and developing my network will be key to progression: if anyone reading wants to discuss ideas in relation to this please do. Any teams you know looking for players or any extremely committed mid-high stakes players you know, please reach out :)

I will need a strong online community from any country as well as in person, so all suggestions or ideas are welcome. Over the next 1-2 years I will eat, sleep and breathe poker, increase my volume and study extremely consistently. I'm exited and confident that I will succeed and I hope as many people can be part of this too!

Also, I promise to upload at least monthly like I was doing in summer <3. My poker review of the last 2 months is coming by the end of Nov. Stay positive.