Road To High Stakes/Poker/Starting From Zero In Poker

One Benefit Of Starting Out In Poker Is That Starting From The Bottom Is Accessible To Everyone. Find Out How Inside.

The search for side hustles has become a bit of a hot topic in recent years. Dropshippers flexing their Lambos and social media marketers telling you how they work ‘2 hours a day to earn millions’.

Whether you believe them or not, it doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of options out there to invest your time and energy into and they all benefit you if you commit to them.

One option that thousands around the world look to is poker.

Some benefits that starting in poker has over dropshipping and social media agencies is:

  • It doesn’t require loads of initial cash or time investment.
  • It doesn’t require marketing knowledge or a fancy sales funnel.
  • It doesn’t require sleepless nights and non-stop hustling to get up and running.

You just need to be willing to learn a new game and apply what you learn practically.

The problem with poker is that it is misunderstood. Nobody knows about how positive it can be. That is understandable because there aren’t many people out there showcasing this positivity.

Poker is accessible, fun and can be learned to a much greater depth than most people realise.

When you add self-development to the equation, it becomes way more than just a game.

​If you want to see how a professional poker player would start from absolutely nothing, Dan will be streaming on Twitch every day as part of a $0 - $100,000 challenge. Click Here To Follow Along.

Daily updates on the process with quick tips and breakdowns will be provided Over On Instagram.

Day 1 was a success, going from complete dust to +$35 using free bonuses from online poker room sign-up offers which you can find by clicking here.

These offers, alongside proper bankroll management and tournament selection, will be key to getting to the first, and most difficult, milestone of $100.

It will be a long road to $100k, but like anything worth doing, it takes time, effort and consistency.