Road To High Stakes/Self-Development - The Problem With Monk Mode

Monk Mode Is A Method Of Focus Used By Many Self-Development Seekers. It Allows For Absolute Focus. However, There Can Be A Problem. Read On So You Can Avoid It.

There is a problem that some people face on their self-development journey.

They achieve exactly what they set out to, by getting better at certain things and finding internal growth.

Many people will use a ‘monk mode’ method, locking themselves away from distractions, interaction and outside forces to work on themselves intensely.

This can be an incredibly productive approach for short periods.

However, sometimes it can hold people back.

I describe it as over-isolation without implementation.

Self-development is done ultimately to make you more capable in the real world.

However, If you’re stuck in a room, on your own, in monk mode forever,

So that people and outside forces don’t distract you.

You never get the chance to apply what you have done,

You never really see how far you’ve come,

you never hatch from the egg of your self-development.

So then what was it all for?

Just to bask in your apparent ability, which you don’t apply?

There must be times when you go out and do the things you got better at.

Go and do what you set out to do.

But always keep sight of what it is all for.