Tuesday, March 07, 2023

November 2021


This month is combined with Oct 2021 for the overview. Again, there were few sessions actually played, but good results and solid study similar to Oct.

To start with, I won the 22 mini 6 max on Stars for a PB of 5.2k (1700 runners-ish). I also helped a friend win 2 low-stakes tourneys (won't mention names) through the same relentless planning and execution strategy once on the FT. These felt good, but the positive thing is that I enjoyed winning the low-stakes tourneys where I made no money as much as the Mini $22. It just feels good to win and systematically dominate the players you're against because of a plan you put together. Who knew grinding people down could be so satisfying?

Again, here are some points from my performance evaluations. I will get into the interesting dynamics in the overview:


-Found my weaknesses, looked at pop weaknesses and have 4/5 fundamental ways to increase win rate and exploit pop. This allows me to not play autopilot and use my brain more.

-Always keen to make moves and evaluate whether it should be used in future. Not scared of money or failure.

-Mentally: Much stronger, especially in big moments. My personal life has changed vastly but this hasn't affected my performance. Meditation is paying off. Never panicking about change (low anxiety) on the poker tables or day-to-day life.

To Improve

-Not enough volume put in. I need to create more chances to impose my strengths on the field.

-No alarm breaks to give the brain a short rest -- Every 20 mins rest for 30-60 seconds.

- Polar 3 betting at short stack depths is not getting much credit (players not letting go of the 5-15% range enough), and you can overdo it, especially in PSKOs.