Tuesday, March 07, 2023

January 2021


So, 2021 is behind us. An interesting year. That's about as much of a yearly review that you're getting though. Although I am proud of myself overall, I want to focus month by month and move towards my goals rather than focus too much on the past. Jan was an interesting month personally. Another month in Mexico, and tbh my first real one with structure and routines, although they did change a bit as I moved into a my 3rd place since I've been here. The stability has been there though, and most importantly I feel the motivation to work and study poker a lot.

I'm writing a book. That's wired but I am excited to see how it will finish. I'm also starting to socialise and have got myself a meditation coach that comes on Monday morning after Sun to help me chill out. Overall, there are many good practices that I'm building in my life to help me grow, all I must do is stay consistent with them. Do that and I've cracked it in 2022. (Spanish lessons, exercise, poker playing, poker study, meditation)


Winter Series 21/22

This doesn't get its own bonus series, because it’s in a weird time. It's good to see the poker ecosystem as healthy as ever in terms of traffic though. Very optimistic about the future there.

Overall Winter series was another series to learn from. I think series are important to prepare for, and I have not yet prepared with extensive study and a plan for any series. I'm talking about 2-4 weeks work of study to get ready to smash out the series. I think I need to do that this year. Pads does it and it works wonders. The chances that will be made will be huge, and I know how and when to take them is important to make the step up to high stakes. I want to bink a series even, or at least FT one. On to the specifics of the Winter series and Jan:

Main Improvements To Make

-Consciously use player profiles and tendencies >> make this skill of session and review in breaks.

-Losing big pots too easily in PSKOs >> long game/ deep run mentality to dodge and preserve stack for bounty chances

-CCC >>meditate before every session -- no pressure, enjoy session, don't react just adjust. Meditate and prepare. If you feel adjugated you can postpone

-ACR players don't c-raise enough (calls stronger - underbluff) and c-raise stronger

Main Improvements Made

-Volume is increasing and is a priority now whilst keeping standard high >> increase tables in twos until 18 tables minimum

-Keep making day savers and min cashes that minimise variance and make bad days less bad.

-Good relationship with Sundays >> Prioritising them and preparing well

-Donking working well >> can still improve theory + exploit no raising from POP.

Overall Jan

So, can't complain. Jan has given me a lot to build on and has laid the foundations for me to build in Feb. There will be lots of improvements made, but the main thing is consistency. Not missing routines that are vital for the grind is important. If nothing else, that's all I want. I don't have to be crazy rigid, but I have to do something. Meditate, prepare, play, meditate, study exercise. If I stick to this I can't ever have a bad month. The tricky part is to find the middle ground where I don't make my life so rigid that I miss out on important social events.

Good luck to anyone reading this far. Stay solid and know that the control in your life comes from your consistency to do things for the right reasons and show up. There's a huge month coming, and a big bink coming from Feb - April imo. Stay tuned and much love <3