Road To High Stakes/Life/Self-Development - Do You Need To Do It?

So Many People Talk About Self-Development. Is It Important? Is It Impactful? Why Do We Need It In The First Place? Read On To find Out

Is Self-Development Important?

All this talk online about self-development is great, but do we even need to do it?

Can’t you just live your life and enjoy yourself from time to time?

The answer is… Yes, you can.

But don’t expect that voice within your head to go any quieter.

The one that says there is much more in this life for you than where you are now.

From my perspective, even just small amounts of self-development activity opened so many doors within my life.

If nothing else, simply being open to the idea of building a better life for yourself is a game changer.

It puts you in control of the situation and allows you to set your own path.

Self-development has been a way to increase:

  • Self-confidence - By becoming more capable and seeing positive change
  • Self-discipline - By doing hard things consistently
  • Self-awareness - By journaling and analysing thoughts
  • Self-love - By showing myself that I can achieve anything

These are only a few of the benefits, there are many more, and they can all be achieved with only small improvements to your life.

So Is self-development important?

Well, it's a ticket to improving your life and your relationship with yourself, which so many people struggle with today.

And what is it worth to live a happier, calmer life which is more fulfilling?

In my opinion, it should be a mandatory part of everyone’s day, because becoming a better version of yourself has an impact on not only you but everyone you care about.

One tool that tens of thousands of people use for self-development is poker.

It can be an avenue to many positive things such as meditation, journaling, and improving health and well-being.

Serious poker players have great relationships with themselves and the world around them, because to get to the top level of the game and stay there, they must.

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