Tuesday, March 07, 2023

December 2021

Personal Notes

December was a strange month tbh. I moved to Mexico and tbh was naïve about the first month being easier than I anticipated. It's mainly the little things, like wifi, accommodation, buying furniture etc. These things just take ages and I always forget that they are important and necessary. They also stress you out a bit when they are not managed.

But still, I was motivated for December and ready to handle the grind. The main problem was the consistency of study, which IS poker. I neglected that a bit in Dec, but I can let myself off. Overall the month was a month to build foundations and settle into a new life.


I'll start with the good things, as there are many this month. My planning for the late game has improved significantly. I feel very comfortable in deep runs because I always have a plan of what to do in each position and why. The why comes from a player profile that I generally understand how to exploit. My weakest and the most difficult player type to exploit is overly aggro fish -- you have to be very subtle with your moves vs them.

Also, my relationship with Sundays has improved. This means managing them and managing performance levels. Prioritising my deep runs is so important when they come, as that is where ALL the value comes from. One bink is huge. Volume isi not the priority once you start to have big chances. The numbers only take care of themselves if you perform highly in deep runs, especially on Sundays.

Lastly, I make a lot of chances with solid play throughout. This is the "jabbing mentality". Stay in, stay solid, and be hard to hit. If you keep the aggression with 3 betting and c-betting you will already give yourself a good chance of a deep run. I can still improve slightly here and have a long-run mentality in all tourneys. It's sometimes about the subtleties that grind players down, hence the jab metaphor. If you can dodge well and land a punch that hits, you can demoralise opponents and create that deep run chance that otherwise can slip away.

Improve On

-Generally, I’m harsh here, but I can improve on adjusting my strategy vs certain player types and boards. That means recognising what the board is, how it impacts his range, and what he is most likely going to do when you bet. This is essentially predicting the future using the info on your opponents and the board. That puts you 1 step ahead and gains so much value. Overbet for value only if you think he will call, not because of GTO for example

-Again, the long-run mentality can improve as previously discussed. That means picking and avoiding spots systematically that are low variance and low EV >> You give a lot up by going out now or losing 10 bbs now.

-Study after the session. Pads/ RYE courses after are a must. The players at high stakes will do this every day and not stop. I have a lot of catching up to do and enjoy it so much once I get going.

Overall December

So not bad. Can't complain too much. Of course, I want more volume, more study, and better performances, but that's true of every month I've ever played. It's the consistency that I want. Good, regular study routines and turning up at least 5 days per week to the tables. This will hopefully be the foundation month that allows me to kick on and grow toward consistent high-stakes games.