Road To High Stakes/Getting Started With Self-Development

Before You Dive In To Running Miles And Reading Every Philosophy Book, Find Answers To These Two Important Questions.

There are many tools for self-development and hundreds of ways to approach it.

The thing is, before you dive into reading books and taking ice baths every morning, it is worth setting your direction and giving yourself a reason to do these things.

Ask yourself two questions:

  • ​Who do you want to be?
  • What kind of life do you want to live?

Take your time, and answer them as honestly as possible because these are very important questions.

Your answers to these can change, but even thinking about them will give you a huge head start to getting the most out of your self-development journey.

Once you have some answers to the questions above, you now have a target to align your daily actions with.

For Example:

  • ​You want to be a solid rock for the people that you love.
  • You want to live a life where you are truly content with the things you have.

You may take up meditation for 10 minutes a day.
This will develop mental strength and allow you to be there for others when times require it.
This will also improve the relationship you have with your thoughts, so you learn to appreciate the little things.

Do you see how who you want to be and how you want to live your life influences what self-development actions to take and how these actions in turn help you achieve them both?

Having answers to these questions gives you more of a compelling reason to meditate rather than it just ‘being a good thing to do’.

This will ensure you receive the long-term benefits from anything you decide to start.

Bonus Point - Consistency

Doing something positive you can be consistent with is the most important factor of all.

If you want to get stronger, going to the gym for 6 hours a day is not something you will be able to keep up long term.

That’s why I live by this rule:
The progress you make within the first 100 days is not as important as getting to 100 days.

You must build evidence and prove to yourself you will not quit, so make it as easy as possible to stay consistent.

If you’re looking for something new to be consistent with that can be positive for your life, check out this free course. You’ll learn things that not many people know in a way not many people use.