Road To High Stakes/Self-Development - Can It Be Bad?

The Word 'Development' Is Usually Seen As Positive. Read This Blog To See Where The Opposite Can Be The Case.

So self-development is often seen as ‘the thing to do’ but can it be bad?

Anything done for negative reasons, even though it may be seen as positive, is negative... Obviously.

Self-development journeys usually start because we want to see change. This, I believe, is incredibly healthy when the change is positive.

However, some people attempt to become this ever more developed person because they aren’t happy with who they are inside.

And never will be.

They achieve great things, many of which they said would make them happy, but here they are, unfulfilled.

Round and round goes the hamster wheel.

I’m not saying you should be totally happy with where you are now and just accept it.

The point is, as you develop your skills, strength, resilience, awareness, competence…

…You make sure to develop the relationship you have with yourself.

You cannot rely solely on external change to make you happy or fulfilled.

Avoiding the hamster wheel requires:

  • Using outcomes as a guide and not making them the only markers of success.
  • Focusing on WHO you are becoming.
  • By doing what you’re doing RIGHT NOW.

Immersing in the knowledge you are developing, in that moment, and loving the fact its happening, Is the key to a fulfilling self-development journey.

That is what people really mean when they say ‘love the process’.