Road To High Stakes/Poker/$0-$10k CHALLENGE IS HERE : DAY 0

How we create wealth from $0 to start the $0- $10k bankroll challenge (sign up offers)

$0- $10,000 CHALLENGE DAY 0

*The challenge starts here baby! I’ll show you how much poker can give!

Day 0: Set up

The best part of this challenge? Going from $0!!Yes, $0! That means creating money from nothing. Spinning up a bankroll from dust. How can you do that? Because I own Breakfree Poker, and we get sign-up deals from companies we work with - the best part is, you can get them too!

And here they are (in the link below ↓↓↓). Use them!!! Playing all possible poker rooms is vital to this challenge, and my profitable poker strategy overall. It gives me more profitable tourneys to find, more bad players to play, and more deals to add to your bankroll. Also, online platforms release “retention deals” to keep customers playing. Basically, more bonuses to add to your bankroll even after sign up. Keep an eye out.

If you do us ONE favor, sign up through these links I've provided. It allows our company to grow, provide better deals in the future and keep you updated with retention offers. Good luck. I’ll see you in the challenge xxx ❤️